Startup Calgary Podcast

#13 Startup Marketing 101 with 321 Growth Academy

March 19, 2020 Startup Calgary Season 1 Episode 13
Startup Calgary Podcast
#13 Startup Marketing 101 with 321 Growth Academy
Show Notes

Carey Houston, Founder and Partner at 321 Growth Academy answers questions such as: 

  • At what stage of your startup should you start developing a marketing strategy, and what are some of the key components? 
  • How should you determine which metrics to track in the early days? 
  • What should you consider before making your first marketing hire, and what should you be looking for? 

Interview date: January 22, 2020

Featured Speaker:

Carey Houston is a veteran of startup and scale-ups, with 30 years executive experience in marketing, product management, sales and business development. She’s held executive positions in 6 high growth tech companies in both Toronto and Calgary, and is a four-time VP Marketing, so she’s seen first hand not only how the practice of marketing has evolved, but also how it changes through economic ups and downs. 

Currently, Carey is focused on helping the next generation of tech entrepreneurs build and learn the skills needed to accelerate growth. She founded and runs a company called 321 Growth Academy, that help startups, scale-ups, and innovative businesses create and grow successful companies right here in Alberta. 

She’s also an active volunteer mentor with the Venture Mentoring Service of Alberta, and a member of The A100 - a group of experienced “been there, done that” tech executives focused on building a great tech community and helping startups and entrepreneurs thrive.

About 321 Growth Academy: 

321 Growth Academy delivers programs designed to ignite the growth of B2B startups and scaleups. Through hands-on learning, coaching and a community of growth experts, participants graduate with the skills they need to align their team and drive more revenue faster.

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